How I Rock: My Blues

This outfit is so cool, both physically and metaphorically. It's the blue that really does it for me and it makes such a great combination with my white hi-tops. it's an outfit that's both super comfy and super casual which are often the main factors of almost all of my outfits. I seek comfort in all my looks even if they include a pair of six inch heels and a restrictive pencil skirt... no matter what, comfort is key! This outfit does it just right. My favorite aspect is definitely the colour. The blue is just delicious so much so that it almost seems edible. yum. This look can also be done with denim on denim and teams really well with a white bucket hat.

Hat- Furisto LONDON [Coming soon]
Shirt- Vintage hand me down from dad
Jeans- Primark
Socks- Nike [gifted]
Shoes- all white leather converses - office
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How I Rock My: Cheap Chic

This outfit along with the title of this post is the greatest combination ever! Yep, I got this whole outfit for under £20, cheap right? The price makes it quite hard to believe. This is perfect for if your on a student budget and still want to look great, (that's where the 'Chic' part comes in.) A point that I try so hard to get across all the time and also one of the main reasons why I created this blog is to show people that, you really don't have to spend a lot to look good, neither do you have to shop so frequently. It actually is often just a waste. How about this... next time before you even consider going shopping for brand new clothes, try visiting a family members wardrobe and see if they're willing to give you some cool items of their own. If they're clothes are vintage then they'll probably be much better quality, look better and will hold out for longer. If that's not an option for you and other peoples clothes aren't your thing then always look online first, for the most competitive prices. eBay and Amazon are my personal favorite. P.S. it's been a whiles since I posted... apologies for that.

Sheer Top: clothesminded
Tartan Cigarette Trousers: eBay
Velvet Flatform Shoes: ASOS
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