How I Rock: My Oversize T-Shirt (Spring lookbook- Outfit 1)

Bucket Hat- Furisto London 
Chocker- eBay
Red Beaded Chain- Nigeria
Oversize T-Shirt- Vintage hand me down from Mum- Somewhere in Germany 20 odd years ago
Over Shirt Jacket- hand me down from brother- Zara
Bodycon Dress [Worn as Skirt]- eBay
Shoes- Adidas Superstar one

This outfit is perfect for that confused spring weather we often have to face here in Britain. Not quite summer not quite spring kinda weather. The jacket I am wearing is known as an over shirt and is exactly what is says on the tin... a waterproof shirt that protects your shirt underneath from rain and other unexpected weather. it is also perfect for carrying in your bag for those mildly warm days as a 'just in case' item of clothing yet it is skill stylish enough to rock as a staple piece. I love layering and I find that this can be executed well with an oversize T. It's a must have item to have at least one in your wardrobe or in my case at least 6 or 7 lol. I love this T-Shirt specifically, because of the wear it has. there are at least two or 3 holes in it and a pretty obvious stain on the front but to me that's what makes it all the more authentic. 

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it's Ajobi | My first video (I'm on YouTube!)

I'm finally on YouTube check out my channel here in the link bellow:

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Sorry about the blurriness at the beginning of the video, still learning the ropes. Thanks for watching and don't forget to leave me your suggestions.  

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Hat- http://www.furisto.london/


New blog post up next week.

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