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Born and brought up in London, England Abigail Ajobi; best know by the name Ajobi, is an influencer who immerses herself in the four components of fashion, art, religion and culture. She is currently studying Fashion Design Menswear at London College of Fashion and previously studied a Foundation Degree in Fashion and Textiles at Central Saint Martins

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Ajobi wears;
dress size: 8
shoe size UK: 5.5 

QnA with Ajobi

What aspect of your life do you value the most and why?

Straight off the top of my head, I guess I would say my culture because I believe that that is what has had the greatest influence on me through out my life, not only in the work I produce but also in my sense on taste. And of course it has made me who I am today, by instilling certain values in me that I wouldn't have gained from anywhere else.

Who or what influences your style?

My Mum! Of course! Who else but my dear Mother. I love her to bits. I mean go into my wardrobe, half of it was previously owned by my Mum. What can I say. ha ha, no but really other than my Mum I am always being inspired. It's actually kind of hard to pin point a particular source where my inspiration mainly tends to come from because to be honest I find my self being inspired by anything and everything, not only in my style and the way I dress but also in my work and my designs. However, I could go back to my culture and say that that is something that has influenced my style. Coming from a Nigerian background we were always encouraged 'to dress to impress' or 'dress to kill' as my Dad would say, so I guess from there as I grew up I kind of adopted my own interpretation from that.

What is the most important thing to you in regards to fashion and styling?

Expressing your self is the most important thing. I believe your style is meant to be a display of who you are. Like an outward expression of your inner self without the use of dialogue. Dressing how you feel in other words. That's definitely my rule ha ha. dress how you feel.

Why did you start the 'it's Ajobi' blog?

I thought it would just be a nice way to present my self to the world. People are always asking me as well like, 'OMG, where did you get this from' and 'Where did you get that from', now it all here in a neat little package, ha ha no need to ask anymore. I also hope to inspire people to have a broader view on clothes and how to get the most out of the clothes they have without being excessive consumers. It's the composition that makes a great outfit not the clothes themselves.

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