A day in the life of a Central Saint Martins student

Other than being renounced for it's outstanding reputation as the world best fashion school there is more to Central Saint Martins than it's reputation. 

Over the past year of studying here, I have found it to be an enjoyable yet challenging experience. Like every other institution it has it's highs and lows and despite it's high rating it is definitely not the place for everyone going in to the fashion industry and it won't guarantee you success in your future career (which is a lie that a lot of people trick themselves into thinking is true.) I too had that unfortunate prescription before I started. "If I don't make it in to CSM I won't be as great a success in the fashion industry". I know of many people that have this perception yet thousands of people graduate from here  every year and still only a handful are successful enough for you to hear about. 

Although I have learnt a lot so far from my university such as how to improve my pace and different methods of working, I really feel that it depends on the individual... How you work and how determined you are to make it. It could be argued that the success rate of Central Saint Martins is down to their process of elimination during their interview/portfolio review stage. They only select the best which means the individuals chosen (such as myself) already have the drive and the skills to succeed with out having to be taught much or anything at all (this is something I have observed in my time here). 

Despite the negative factors, University of the Arts London is a great place to be . It is especially good for networking and because of it's outstanding reputation more opportunities are given to it's students than other university's may be able to offer. UAL campuses are located in London- one of the worlds fashion capitals; which also makes it easier to indulge yourself in all things fashion.

If you are looking to apply to any of the UAL colleges in particular Central Saint Martins here are 5 tips which I fell are most important; 

1. Be open minded 

2. Be prepared to work ALL hours of the day, everyday (especially to meet those pesky regular deadlines)

3. Do not procrastinate (it really does have a snowball effect) 

4. Network with your peers as much as possible

5. Enjoy yourself !!! After all it is your money...


  1. Can you talk more about lessons and admissions?

    1. Hey Cecilia;
      the following are some of my youtube videos that may be of interest to you where I elaborate on some of my experiences Whilst at CSM. Please let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

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