How I Rock: My Orange Dress (Dress it down- Part Two)

 Orange Dress- Pretty Little Thing
Denim Shirt- Hand me down
Trainers- Adidas
Hat- Gifted
Wristwatch- Casio

Here's how I would dress down my orange dress. This outfit is great for a mild day out with the family or an afternoon with friends. A denim over shirt instantly brings an outfit from classy to casual, team it with a baseball cap or five panel like I have here and you have the perfect combination of cute yet stylish! and to finish it off make sure you have a comfy pair of trainers on. I went for ones that matched with my dress this doesn't always work, However white trainers 9 times out of 10 go just as well with bright coloured casual outfits.

and for a more classy look; 
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My Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials

In association with the following video these are my top 5 wardrobe essentials.

This Blog post is just to give you an idea of how I would style each of the pieces shown in my video which I have done through reference to some of my previous style guides. Click the link below each image to see full style guide post

1. Levi Jeans 

Size waist 28 length 30

Link for Levis Style Guide:
Click here for Image 1 and 2 style guide

2. A black Crop top/T-shirt

Size 8
Pretty Little Thing

Links to Crop top style guide:

3. Bomber Jacket (Reversible)

Size 12

Links to Bomber Jacket style guide:

4. Caps/Hats

one size

Links to Caps and Hats style guide:

5. Oversize T-shirt

Hand me down

Links to Oversize T-shirt style guide:


These bad ass converses!

Size 6

Links to Converse style guide:

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How I Rock: My Orange Dress (Dress it up- Part One)


This is definitely one of my favourite dresses out of my whole wardrobe as it is super easy to style and works well with both formal and casual occasions. the colour of this dress is amazing and  works well against the skin in this wonderful summer sun. The the stretchy fabric is a plus too as it molds beautifully to any figure. The only down side for me is that after a lovely meal out with friends my food baby looks terrible... there is definitely no hiding that in this dress which is why a stylish jacket leather jacket like this works wonders for both bloating and that summer evening chill. In this post (Part One) I have styled the dressed to suit a more formal occasion where as in Part Two I will be showing you how to dress it down for a more relaxed look. 

Side note: next weeks YouTube post will be postponed unless I find a place with WiFi 

Orange Dress- Pretty Little Thing
Jacket- New Look (France)
Heels- eBay
Wristwatch- Casio

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