My Top 10 Back To School Tips

Hey guys! so we're almost in the middle of September and many of you are starting school or are already back at school... so I thought this would be the perfect time to put out this post! now when I say school that also includes Sixth Form (college) and University. These are my...

...or you can just call them my top 10 back to school tips (sounds a lot less dramatic.)

1. Adjust your sleeping pattern ASAP!

If you're anything like me your sleeping pattern is probably waaaaay out of wack right and that's fine because it's still summer and you probably won't wake up till 12 o'clock in the afternoon anyway. But as soon as you get back to Uni... school... whatever and those 9 o'clock classes hit you, you don't want to be looking like the walking dead... Ew. Nobody needs that. So I suggest regulating your sleeping pattern as soon as possible. Set an alarm that alerts you to start getting ready for bed and another to wake up, if you have to. Getting yourself in to a routine like this now will be a lot easier on your body by the time school starts.

2. Get your clothes on fleek!

It's the first week back and you have to look BOOM!! So do yourself a favour and prep your outfits in advance, that way you won't be late for your classes and you'll still look cute. Here's a tip for staying cute for the whole academic year: set a little uniform for your self and keep it on rotation. Yes I mean clothes specifically for school... that way you won't have to do so much fussing in the morning and if you do an art / creative course like me you won't ruin all your favourite clothes and when you do decide to wear a piece outside of your "uniform" you'll look extra fabulous!
If your school already has a set uniform, then make sure you have the following key items on fleek; 
1. Your shoes!
2. Your bag!
3. Your hair... 
although your hair isn't really an outfit choice it does make everything sit well together.

3. Read Ahead!

This may sound like a super nerdy thing to suggest but, if you can study the curriculum ahead of your start date then you should! Being ahead of your class is such a good thing. It means that you can do a lot more chilling later on when all your friends are probably bugging out about deadlines and work. It also means you'll be more aware about what's going on in your classes.

4. Take advantage of student benefits!

There are all kinds of student benefits out there! events, offer, free gifts... the lot! you're not going to be a student forever so definitely make sure you take advantage of this! NUS cards are great for shopping at your favorite brands and they do great discounts so make sure you sign up. Also what I often do (which you may or may not find sad) is ask the cashier if student discount is on offer before my purchase. Remember guys; every penny counts especially when you're a student.


Do all your work on time! I can not stress how important this is! It took me a while to get the hang of it because, I am probably the biggest procrastinator this world has ever seen but seriously. This. Is. Key. The sooner you get it done the less work you'll have to do later and it's out of the way so it won't even be an issue later. That way you'll have more free time to turn up, watch Netflix, read your Bible, talk to Bae or do whatever you like doing. Plus, if you do leave it till later it just becomes a snow ball effect till you have an unbearable amount of work to do, which may eventually cause you to fail (especially in the case of University students) and who needs that when you're already paying £9000 a year. So my suggestion is to do it as soon as it's assigned.

6. Pray and be true to yourself!

Oh my goodness! your spirituality will make or break you especially in uni. It's a new environment, you're away from home, you're living with strangers and you're paying bills! Argh! This is all too much! It can really be a lonely and trying time, so I suggest keeping prayer in the forefront of everything. It's also a time when you get to know / gain a better understanding of yourself and I've seen a lot of people get lost in the process.

7. Make friends

Networking is so important! Not only with people in your field (which is also very important) but others too. If (God forbid) you fail everything, all is not lost as long as you have some good connections. Just remember it really is Who you know not What you know. This is a especially good to remember for those going into a creative field.

8. Visit other Unis!

If you're in University make sure you visit other unis! Go and visit your friends and just have fun with them at their uni events, vice versa. This is a great way to meet new people and again N E T W O R K ! ! !

9. Plan and Budget!

The worst thing that can probably happen to you whilst your at school is running out of money! :'( You're already under enough stress as it is with work and deadlines so make sure you plan and budget your life well. This will save you a whole lot of stress and time in the long run.

10. Enjoy it!

Above all, make sure you enjoy your school experience as much as you can! it isn't going to last forever, so love it whilst it's here!

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments sections and don't forget to;

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