How I Rock: My Blues

This outfit is so cool, both physically and metaphorically. It's the blue that really does it for me and it makes such a great combination with my white hi-tops. it's an outfit that's both super comfy and super casual which are often the main factors of almost all of my outfits. I seek comfort in all my looks even if they include a pair of six inch heels and a restrictive pencil skirt... no matter what, comfort is key! This outfit does it just right. My favorite aspect is definitely the colour. The blue is just delicious so much so that it almost seems edible. yum. This look can also be done with denim on denim and teams really well with a white bucket hat.

Hat- Furisto LONDON [Coming soon]
Shirt- Vintage hand me down from dad
Jeans- Primark
Socks- Nike [gifted]
Shoes- all white leather converses - office
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How I Rock My: Cheap Chic

This outfit along with the title of this post is the greatest combination ever! Yep, I got this whole outfit for under £20, cheap right? The price makes it quite hard to believe. This is perfect for if your on a student budget and still want to look great, (that's where the 'Chic' part comes in.) A point that I try so hard to get across all the time and also one of the main reasons why I created this blog is to show people that, you really don't have to spend a lot to look good, neither do you have to shop so frequently. It actually is often just a waste. How about this... next time before you even consider going shopping for brand new clothes, try visiting a family members wardrobe and see if they're willing to give you some cool items of their own. If they're clothes are vintage then they'll probably be much better quality, look better and will hold out for longer. If that's not an option for you and other peoples clothes aren't your thing then always look online first, for the most competitive prices. eBay and Amazon are my personal favorite. P.S. it's been a whiles since I posted... apologies for that.

Sheer Top: clothesminded
Tartan Cigarette Trousers: eBay
Velvet Flatform Shoes: ASOS
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Last minute Mother's Day ideas

Happy Mother's Day all ! As you guys should already know today is Mother's Day in the UK. Whether your mum is here with you or not you can still appreciate the life of a great Woman. For those of you who have nothing planned for today then thank goodness you're reading this post. Ajobi's got some great ideas for you that are also very quick and easy. 

1. Pamper her
If she's always cooking for you, cleaning up after you and comforting you when you haven't had the best of days then why not return the favor? Pamper her and keep her off her feet. Make your mum a bit of breakfast in bed or if it's too late for that how about taking her out to a nice evening dinner in the city.

2. Make her something
Anyone can buy chocolates and a teddy straight off the shelf at the supermarket and we often tend to fall into buying the same gifts every single year. But why not be creative and make something out of love that you know she'll appreciate. If not a hand made gift, why not take it old school and make a card out of pipe cleaners and glitter. As tacky as it sounds she might just like it and it would be a cool activity to do with your younger siblings, if you have any.
And most importantly

3. Spend time with her
It may sound like the obvious thing to do and also such a small thing to do but sometimes we don't actually spend enough time just chilling with ours mother, due to many different factors some more unavoidable than others. But today would the perfect day switch off your phone, fluff up some pillows and have a lazy day in bed with her. Show her you love her just by spending time with her and listening to her. Plus it's free.

In this post I really want to make a personal appeal to my own mother, in the hope that she might read this. I love you and care about you very much although, it may not show sometimes, I hope that it is still evident to you. You are an amazing friend and an even better mother. May God bless you and continue to make your life flourish as you blossom both in beauty and in age. Happy Mother's Day.
God bless.

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Holiday Orange

Feeling hot, hot, hot! This colour is fiery and I love it. I guess it's a choice of colour best suited to the summer but it can really brighten up your winter too. Why not let your nails bring the sun to the snow!

Polish used: 
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How I Rock: My Oversized Denim Jacket

This outfit gives me life. It's super casual and relaxed, perfect for a day out with the squad. I matched it with these super cute red chuck boots to go with the red lable of my levi's jacket. An oversized jacket teams well with almost any outfit and is especially cute with a pair of skinny jeans to keep it super cool. My new wardrobe favorite has to be this crazy coloured shirt. 1. because I love bright colours and 2. because it's design is so quirky, so it suits me perfectly I guess. This is how I rock my Oversized Denim Jacket.

Denim Jacket: Levi's - hand me down from Brother
Hat: Furisto London [coming soon]
Shirt: Gifted
Red Beaded Chain: Nigeria
Africa Pendant Necklace: eBay
Black Velvet Leggings: eBay
Socks: Nike
Chuck Boots: Gifted
Leather Rucksack: Vintage hand me down from Mum
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How I Spent My Valentines Night: Basketmouth Uncensored

This Valentines I attended the GT bank Basketmouth uncensored event at the HMV Apollo in London. It was absolutely amped and I was so excited to be attending! The event is a comedy variety show put on every year by Basketmouth and his team. However, this year was the biggest so far, with 1500 free tickets going out to students studying within the UK. I was lucky to get a hold of one of these tickets myself... thanks guys. The event was hosted by the main man himself and featured musical performances from the likes of  Patoranking, Olamide and Star Boy Wizzy aka Wizkid who ended the show with his new single 'Ojuelegba'. The comedians of the show were all very funny but admittedly I found it hard to understand the Pidgin English used in most of the performances however, it was still an enjoyable evening. Other than Basketmouth my favorite comedians of the night were definitely, with out question, Salvador from Uganda and Aje Baba from Nigeria. They were so hilarious, had me in stitches with every joke (maybe because I could understand them better lol). Although I was quite far from the stage I was still  able to enjoy the show and was most definitely turning up to the sound of my bae... Wizkid.  I must say Patoranking didn't really shut down like I thought he would in his performance. It was actually quite uncomfortable to watch but I guess he's still new in the game. Olamide did his thing, performing his headliners 'Shoki Remix' and 'Turn Up'. Wizkid performance was of course my favorite. As many people would agree, he completely shut down, blew up and dismantled the stage with his performance... like he always does! *sigh* bae... Whilst I was there I actually bumped in to another artist I admire. Guess who it was... Moelogo! For those of you who don't know, Moelogo is an up and coming UK Afrobeats artist. He's doing big things already with one of his most well know track featuring the UK Grime artist Giggs. Luckily he was kind enough to stop and take a photo with both my friend and I which is posted on my personal instagram page @ajobi_. A truly humble character.

The event is touring 5 different venues across the UK and will be in Nottingham on the 20th of  February 2015 and Glasgow on the 21st and 22nd so don't miss out!

God Bless.

Photo of the Night
Instagram Feed
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Bed Sheet Black

Black nail varnish wasn't really my thing when I first tried it. I cringed at the sight but some how I came to like it so much so that it has come to the point where black is my standard nail colour week in week out. I've actually grown to love it! It has quite a classy yet almost sinister look too it, which helps to execute any outfit really nicely. Black nail varnish is the new red. The quality of this nail varnish is really good too. Without a base coat it can run without chipping for days, and that's everything I look for in a bottle of varnish.

Polish used: 

Barry M Black
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How I Rock: My Orange Bomber

I'm not going to lie, this blog post got me excited! The shade of  this orange is just so... ugh! Eye popping! I mean it's so delicious its almost edible. Bright colours are exciting. They just make me so happy and this bomber is definitely a delightful statement of happiness. As some would say orange is the new black. It's reversible so it can be a great way to brighten up your day, like I've done or flip it round to black and remain low key. A bucket hat always teams well with a bomber and this one does it just right. Furisto London is a great brand on the verge of it's release and I am lucky enough to already have my hands on a product! Yay me! Keep your eyes peeled for the soon coming release though.
My top is actually a long dress top just tucked in that I designed and hand made myself and the chain is also hand made from Nigeria with traditional red coral beads.

This is how I rock my Orange Bomber.

Bucket Hat: Furisto London [coming soon]
Bomber Jacket: eBay
Top: Made by Ajobi [coming soon]
Red Beaded Chain: Nigeria
High Rise Jeans: H&M
Leather Backpack: Vintage hand me down from Mum
Socks: Gift from Brother
Shoes- Nike Jordan True Flights: Foot Locker (U.S.A)

Get the look (may not be exact):
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