Martin Luther King Day


Monday of this week (today) is a day recognised as Martin Luther King day, a great day set aside to celebrate the life of a great man, just days before his official birthday (January 15th). This has been a day  nationally celebrated  across the U.S.A. on the 3rd Monday of every January since 1986 but why not celebrate it internationally, like here in England, to recognise the good deeds of a remarkable man and the outstanding acts carried out to make a better society for all. Martin Luther King is one of history's greatest inspirations not just for the black community but to all. During his life he worked to fight for the rights of African Americans yet still to unite all. He did this without violence but with demonstrations, peaceful protesting and the power of Speech. Perhaps this is an example that should still be followed. Isn't it greater to love our enmies than to fight against them? As my mum would say 'kill them with a smile Abi' and 'love your neighbour regardless of what they do'.  I mean sometimes reasonable force is necessary but doesn't it make us just as bad as each other if we fight fire with fire. One of his greatest quotes that sticks in my mind is; "Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity" - Martin Luther King. This quote to me is meaningful because the words demonstrate the reason behind most; if not all of today's killings and wars, sheer selfishness, greed and ignorance. Let's hope that today is a day of reflection and thought to recognise a great man and to look over the past as well as present events. I also hope that today is a day to reflect on the recent lives lost for the exact same reason MLK fought for in his lifetime. 

God bless.


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