Last minute Mother's Day ideas

Happy Mother's Day all ! As you guys should already know today is Mother's Day in the UK. Whether your mum is here with you or not you can still appreciate the life of a great Woman. For those of you who have nothing planned for today then thank goodness you're reading this post. Ajobi's got some great ideas for you that are also very quick and easy. 

1. Pamper her
If she's always cooking for you, cleaning up after you and comforting you when you haven't had the best of days then why not return the favor? Pamper her and keep her off her feet. Make your mum a bit of breakfast in bed or if it's too late for that how about taking her out to a nice evening dinner in the city.

2. Make her something
Anyone can buy chocolates and a teddy straight off the shelf at the supermarket and we often tend to fall into buying the same gifts every single year. But why not be creative and make something out of love that you know she'll appreciate. If not a hand made gift, why not take it old school and make a card out of pipe cleaners and glitter. As tacky as it sounds she might just like it and it would be a cool activity to do with your younger siblings, if you have any.
And most importantly

3. Spend time with her
It may sound like the obvious thing to do and also such a small thing to do but sometimes we don't actually spend enough time just chilling with ours mother, due to many different factors some more unavoidable than others. But today would the perfect day switch off your phone, fluff up some pillows and have a lazy day in bed with her. Show her you love her just by spending time with her and listening to her. Plus it's free.

In this post I really want to make a personal appeal to my own mother, in the hope that she might read this. I love you and care about you very much although, it may not show sometimes, I hope that it is still evident to you. You are an amazing friend and an even better mother. May God bless you and continue to make your life flourish as you blossom both in beauty and in age. Happy Mother's Day.
God bless.

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