How I Rock: My Orange Dress (Dress it down- Part Two)

 Orange Dress- Pretty Little Thing
Denim Shirt- Hand me down
Trainers- Adidas
Hat- Gifted
Wristwatch- Casio

Here's how I would dress down my orange dress. This outfit is great for a mild day out with the family or an afternoon with friends. A denim over shirt instantly brings an outfit from classy to casual, team it with a baseball cap or five panel like I have here and you have the perfect combination of cute yet stylish! and to finish it off make sure you have a comfy pair of trainers on. I went for ones that matched with my dress this doesn't always work, However white trainers 9 times out of 10 go just as well with bright coloured casual outfits.

and for a more classy look; 
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